coronavirus treatment outcomes using ozone therapy
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During the Coronavirus pandemic, many governments staged an unprecedented response to the outbreak, which created an atmosphere of fear and urgency. This spurred numerous ozone practitioners to rush to find out if Covid-19 successes with ozone therapy could be achieved. Some doctors even managed to conduct trials on a larger scale and took the time to document the outcomes. 

Thanks to the efforts of medical doctors in Italy, Spain, China, and the USA there are numerous cases of Covid-19 infections where ozone therapy has led to rapid recoveries and shorter hospitalizations. In addition to documented trials there are also doctors’ testimonials and a number of published anecdotes which support the use of ozone therapy for Coronavirus pneumonia. 

Here is a presentation of relevant case reports, trials, doctors’ testimonials, and anecdotes that anyone seeking viable treatment for Covid-19 should be reviewing:

Over 100 Covid-19 Patients Treated with Ozone in 15 Italian Hospitals

A remarkable thing happened in Italy, where ozone therapy was used on over 100 Covid-19 patients in around 15 different hospitals with significant success. [1]

Several reports were issued by SIOOT, the Italian Scientific Society for Ozone Therapy which oversaw the ozone treatments and gathered reports from participating clinics. [12]

It culminated in the publication of a paper in August 2020 where the results of 50 of those patients were presented. [3] The cases are the more impressive since all patients were in the high risk group: they were all older than 60 years, 96% of them had at least one co-morbidity, they did not respond to conventional anti-viral therapy, and they were all hospitalized. All of them had tested positive with the PCR test.

The conventional therapy consisted of, among other medications, antibiotics, hydroxychloroquine, and 1000 mg of Vitamin C per day. None of the patients responded to the drugs and their state of health either remained critical or worsened.

They were then given ozone therapy in the form of Major Autohemotherapy (MAH): 200 ml of blood was drawn, mixed with ozone at a concentration of 45 mcg/ml at an assumed volume of 200ml. This was repeated daily.

The result: 48 patients survived and were ultimately discharged from the hospital. Only 2 patients died.

Ozone therapy led to the drastic decrease in all anti-inflammatory markers and a normalization of oxygen blood saturation. On average, lung function in ozone therapy patients normalized after 13 days, whereas the average for Covid-19 patients which did not receive ozone therapy was 22 days.

Ozone therapy successes on Covid-19 patients: improvement is seen in inflammatory markers like CRP, IL-6, and procalcitonin after daily ozone treatments in the form of MAH, Major Autohemotherapy. Blood oxygen saturation increased from an average value of 80 to 85% to 90 to 95%. Source.

More Italian Doctors Report Covid-19 Successes with Ozone Therapy

The use of ozone therapy for Covid-19 patients was widely covered by the Italian press, which also reported another successful trial: Dr. Amato De Monte and Dr. Carlo Tascini in the city of Udine treated 36 Covid-19 patients with the same type of ozone therapy: Major Autohemotherapy. All 36 patients were suffering from pneumonia and severe respiratory problems. [5]

After the administration of ozone therapy, 35 patients improved, one did not. During the ozone course the percentage of intubated patients fell from 15% to 3%.

Another doctor who saw remarkable results was Dr. Enrico Marini at the San Liberatore di Atri hospital in Abbruzzo who saw “extremely positive” and “promising” results with his patients, some of whom tested negative after having received ozone therapy in addition to experiencing a resolution of symptoms. [6]

Prof. Gilda Cinnella of the Policlinico Riuniti in Fioggia, said that she saw an improvement in 4 out of 7 Covid patients treated with ozone therapy [8].

Dr. Anna Maria Procopio who works at an emergency room in Bergamo treated 13 Coronavirus patients, all in serious or very serious condition. Three of them were intubated in intensive care in life threatening situations. After the administration of ozone therapy, 12 improved significantly, others recovered completely, and one person died. [2]

Nine Covid-19 Patients Recover with Ozone Therapy in Spain

The only quasi-randomized and controlled study demonstrating Covid-19 successes with ozone therapy comes from Spain, the island of Ibiza. [9] Dr. Alberto Hernandez from the Policlinica Ibiza Hospital looked at 18 patients, all of whom were first treated similarly to the patients in Italy: with hydroxychloroquine, corticosteroids, and antibiotics. Nine of the 18 patients later also received Major Autohemotherapy twice daily: 200 ml of blood mixed with 200 ml of ozone at an ozone concentration of 40 mcg/ml.

The results: patients in the ozone group showed clinical improvement on average after 7 days, the patients in the control group after 28 days. The ozone group saw a much faster reduction in inflammatory markers like CRP (3.5 vs 13 days), D-dimer (4 vs 19.5 days), ferritin (8 vs 15 days) than patients in the control group. The ozone patients’ PCR Covid-19 test results also turned negative in a shorter time, namely on average after 13.1 days versus 21.4 days for the non-ozone group.

Covid-19 patients who received MAH ozone treatments twice a day saw faster improvement than patients on the standard treatment which included antibiotics and hydroxychloroquine.

The mean age of the group was 68 years with co-morbidities which put them in the high risk category. Dr. Hernandez wrote a detailed case report detailing the rapid recovery of 3 of the 9 patients [10]. All of the 3 ozone patients were discharged from the hospital after only 3 to 4 days, even though some were in such bad shape upon admission that they had to be placed in the intensive care unit.

An Entire Covid-19 Floor Discharged after 10 Days of Ozonated Saline IVs in Madrid

One of the most inspiring reports but unfortunately one of the most poorly documented ones comes from Aepromo, the Spanish association of medical professionals for ozone therapy. [11] It has been published on Aepromo’s website and claims that an entire hospital floor full of Covid-19 patients who in total have received 600 ozonated saline IVs has been released after 10 days.

The document does not specify how many patients were treated, but assuming that each patient received just one ozonated saline IV per day, this could mean that in total 60 patients were treated (= 600 IVs / 10 days). Unless each patient received more than one IV per day, in which case the total number of patients could be much lower.

In spite of its shortcomings, the report shows a stunning success of ozone therapy in the treatment of Covid-19 patients. And just like in Italy, ozone is said to have led to a rapid decrease in inflammatory markers and a fast normalization of blood oxygen saturation.

Covid-19 and Ozone Therapy Case Reports from China

Dr. Zhishui Zheng from Wuhan, where the first Coronavirus cases were found, issued a report where he described the recovery of two Covid-19 patients after treatment with MAH. Interesting to note is that Dr. Zheng used half the blood and ozone amount at half the ozone concentration which was used in Italy and Spain: instead of 200 ml he drew only 100 ml of blood and mixed it with 100 ml of ozone at a concentration of 20 mcg/ml instead of 40 mcg/m.

Results: both patients who did not respond to previous anti-viral therapy, recovered after receiving MAH treatments on 7 consecutive days and were ultimately discharged from the hospital. [17]

A single case of a successful recovery with MAH was documented by Dr. Dong Ming from Haihe Hospital Tianjin [18]. Like his colleague in Wuhan, he also drew 100 ml of blood, but used double the ozone concentration, namely 40 mcg/ml. The ozone treatments were administered once daily for 5 days after which the patient recovered and left the hospital.

In a letter addressed to Antonio Galoforo Dr. Dong Ming, later mentioned a total of four Covid-19 patients who successfully overcame the infection with ozone therapy. [4]

In March 2020 an article occurred on the website mentioning a patient who was treated with ozone therapy by Dr. Li Dajun at the Guangshan County People’s Hospital and who “recovered quickly”. [19]

107 Patients Recover with Dr. Brownstein’s Method (USA)

This is a screenshot of a video where Dr. Brownstein interviews one of his patients who recovered from Covid-19 with his protocol. It has since been taken down.

Dr. David Brownstein runs a private clinic in Michigan, USA, where he treated over 100 Covid-19 patients with a special protocol which contained, among other things, intramuscular ozone injections and hydrogen peroxide applied both as nebulizations and as intravenous treatments.

He later issued a report summarizing the effectiveness of his approach: All of the patients recovered. One was hospitalized, but after being discharged, he re-started Dr. Brownstein’s concoctions and regained his health fully. [20]

The treatment protocol was highly individualized and consisted of different vitamins, iodine, as well as hydrogen peroxide. Only 35% of patients received additional intramuscular ozone injections. 85% were subjected to either nebulizations or intravenous drips of hydrogen peroxide.

Given that the treatments were custom tailored to each patient, it’s difficult to say what impact which intervention had. But since hydrogen peroxide acts very similarly to ozone therapy, and since the vast majority of the group received at least one form of oxidative therapy, it is probably fair to say that hydrogen peroxide and ozone injections played a major role in the outcomes. 

Yet, in a Kafkaesque turn of events Dr. Brownstein was not allowed to publicize his success, although US government officials claimed to be feverishly looking for exactly what Dr. Brownstein seems to have found. After announcing his results on Youtube he was contacted by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), which, in the name of “protecting the public”, urged him to take down any evidence that the doctor succeeded in actually protecting the public’s health. [21]

Doctors Worldwide Support Ozone Therapy for Covid-19

Apart from case presentations, many medical professionals all over the world expressed their support in using ozone therapy for Coronavirus infections.

One of the most enthusiastic proclamations came from Dr. Carmen Cabrera in the South American country of Peru. In a Facebook post she voiced her opinion that ozone therapy may be the best treatment for Covid-19 and that her hospital was planning on transforming a whole wing into an ozone therapy ward. [13]

In an interview with Toka Radio Dr. Juan Carlos Burbano from Ecuador claimed to have successfully treated 287 Covid-19 patients with a combination of ozone therapy and Interferon. [14]

More enthusiastic promotions of ozone therapy from the Spanish speaking world can be found on Youtube. Here just a short selection: Dr. Ramiro Alvarado (Bolivia), Dr. Daniel Cuadra (Spain), Dr. Isaac Jakter (Uruguay), Dr. Amarily Garcia (Colombia) all passionately encouraged the use of ozone therapy for Coronavirus infections. [15]

A special mention goes to the Spanish oncologist Dr. Juan Carlos Perez Olmedo who firmly believes that ozone treatments saved him from a bad case of Coronavirus infections (a later test showed a negative result). Dr. Olmedo has been a fervent promoter of ozone therapy during the pandemic, as his Facebook posts show. [16]

Another passionate supporter of ozone therapy is Dr. Robert Rowen who theorized early on that ozone therapy could be a successful treatment for the new virus and who has seen positive results on his patients. [24] [25]

Cuban ozone doctors received the backing of their government in the fight against Covid: “The Ministry of Public Health in Cuba has endorsed the use of ozone therapy to confront COVID-19.” The proposed treatment: rectal ozone insufflations which showed to be effective in an exploratory study, explained a Cuban specialist, Dr. Zamora Rodriguez.  

Dr. Gabriel Mogos of the Romanian Ozone Therapy Society, said that he has seen “promising results” on Covid-19 patients. [22] According to Antonio Gaspari, author of a book which details how ozone therapy has been used to treat Covid-19 cases in Italy and abroad, claims that there were seven intensive care units in Romania which used ozone therapy in Coronavirus cases. [2]

According to Tengiz Tsertsvadze, the head of the Tbilisi Infectious Diseases Hospital in Georgia (the European country, not the US state), 4 patients have recovered from Coronavirus infections with the help of ozone therapy.[23]

Positive anecdotal results have also been reported from doctors in Mexico, Turkey, Argentina, and Chile. [4] Clinical trials have also been planned in Iran, Turkey, Spain, Italy, and China. So it’s possible that more research will be published soon. [26]

Covid-19 Anecdotes with Ozone Treatments

There are a number of personal stories which appeared in the Italian press or social media which outline how Covid-19 patients turned their health around from sometimes extremely critical situations with the help of ozone therapy. Most of these stories can be found in Antonio Gaspari’s book “ozone: a cure for life” [4] .

Claudio Pedrazzini is a member of the Italian parliament who was the first who politician infected by the virus. He developed a fever and shortness of breath, all of which disappeared after he started drinking ozonated water and received four MAHs. A later test showed a negative result.

Cesare Maccarinelli was saved by his brother Sergio. Cesare had caught a bad case of the Corona: he had developed difficulty breathing to the point that he had to be admitted to the ICU and was intubated. Several different medications were administered without producing an improvement. Cesare’s situation was getting progressively worse, and his doctors didn’t expect him to survive. That’s where in an act of desperation yet complete resolve his brother Sergio decided to buy an ozone generator for the hospital and convinced the medics to perform Major Autohemotherapy on Cesare. Incredibly, the doctors agreed. After the first ozone treatment there was an immediate improvement in his brother’s inflammatory markers. After 9 days of ozone therapy he was awakened and extubated. Cesare was released from hospital after a total of 75 days.

Dr. Emidio Braca, a doctor himself, was lucky to live in Abruzzo where doctors used ozone therapy to treat Covid-19 patients. Dr. Braca had developed pneumonia which was quickly resolved with ozone therapy.

Marco Maranzani, 76 years old, was in a desperate situation: he had developed shortness of breath and was diagnosed at the hospital with ARDS, acute respiratory distress syndrome. After an initial improvement, his situation worsened again and he had to be intubated. Within a short time, he improved and was extubated. But then, again a worsening set in. Doctors gave him anti-viral drugs, but without success. He finally received ozone therapy in combination with corticosteroids and his blood markers quickly went back to normal. He fully regained his health returned home.

Carlo Vignuda, 73 years old was hospitalized with fever, low oxygen saturation, cough, and breathing problems. He was lying in the ICU and thought he was dying. As a matter of last resort doctors decided to administer MAH ozone treatments: Carlo started feeling better right after the first infusion. A month later he returned home after a complete recovery. He is convinced that it was ozone which saved him.

Paolo Ciubej, a city councillor of Lignano Sabbiadoro, believes that he recovered from Covid-19 thanks largely to ozone therapy.

Mario Gambacorta, 68 years old, went to the hospital because he was bleeding from a nasopharyngeal tumor. At the clinic he was tested positive for Covid, and was immediately given ozone therapy. After 3 ozone sessions the infection was stopped. A later test showed a negative result. Mario, who had received chemotherapy a few years earlier, fully recovered from the Coronavirus infection.


There are numerous well documented Covid-19 treatment stories where patients used ozone therapy and recovered quickly. This is not surprising given that ozone therapy is a potent anti-inflammatory, oxygen-based intervention. And given that Covid-19 infections cause a severe inflammatory cytokine storm and low oxygen saturation, it is clear that ozone therapy is likely an ideal treatment.

But, the government, in the name of “protecting you”, is dead set on outlawing anything and everything which could endanger the monopoly granted to big pharmaceutical companies. Even if it means banning a nutritional supplement or a drug with a 65 year long safety record.


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