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As I write this, the world is in a state of panic over non-stop news reports and government lock downs across the globe over the spreading COVID-19 disease, caused by a “novel” strain of coronavirus (now termed SARS-CoV-2). Tragically, what the news reports fail to convey is that you have the means to protect yourself and your loved ones with a “novel” treatment one can do at home.

First, the disease. SARS-CoV-2 stands for severe acute respiratory syndrome. It is caused by a class of virus called coronavirus. Clearly it can be much worse than a common cold. The latter generally infects the upper respiratory tract (throat, sinuses, larynx). Rarely is this life threatening. But some influenzas and more frequently, SARS can move down your breathing tract into your lungs. If that happens, the inflammation will create a viral pneumonia, and cause fluid to fill up your air sacs.

It is a drowning in slow motion. Western medicine has admitted it has no treatment for this other than attempting to sustain your life by mechanical ventilation and/or IV supportive therapy. So, government has just authorized billions to be spent on vaccines, which, at best, are a crap shoot, and at worst, might derange your immune system, possibly for life.

This virus seems to be very easily transmitted, and even by those who are infected but NOT symptomatic. That makes spread especially difficult to stop. Masks are useless with viral diseases because the viral particles will go right through the mask. Many governments, are taking radical steps to slow transmission but at the cost of destroying their economies. Some of their actions have shown simple stupidity, for example, spending money to spray down streets, actions that may lull you into a false sense of security.

Simply put, the cat is out of the bag, and this virus will spread quickly and completely in the jet age. I am surprised we have not had a major pandemic in over 100 years in this new age of overcrowding and mass travel by air. Now, at last we are seeing a manifestation of what experts have been saying for years: “It is not a matter of if, but when.”

Now, it’s a good assumption that all of us will be exposed. Most will not even know it. It appears that at least 80% of the population will be asymptomatic, maybe more. In those who do test positive for COVID-19, this disease carries a significant mortality for those who fall ill – about 2%, again, in those who test positive.

By – Illustration from . Data from: The Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Emergency Response Epidemiology Team. The Epidemiological Characteristics of an Outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus Diseases (COVID-19) — China, 2020[J]. China CDC Weekly, 2020, 2(8): 113-122, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Many people will not get tested or test positive, so, the overall mortality will likely be much less than 2%. Older people and those with pre-existing conditions will be most likely to suffer significant consequences. Korean data suggests that the mortality of this disease is about 0.5% in those who contract the virus.

So, what are some good ways to protect yourself? First, know that there are no guarantees in any method of treatment or prevention. That said, my research on viral disease has led me to conclude that one particular class of therapies holds more hope for prevention and treatment than any other.

That class is called oxidation, and the cornerstone of oxidation therapy is ozone therapy. Ozone is triatomic oxygen (O3). It is found in nature made by lightning and ultraviolet energy from the sun. A spectacular scientific finding at Scripps Institute in 2003 found that our own immune cells make ozone as part of its oxidation arsenal to defend against invaders.

In spite of the hype around anti-oxidants, it’s fascinating to note that our own white blood cells make a host of pro-oxidants to “hurl” at microbes akin to lobbing bombs at them. Such molecular oxidants include hydrogen peroxide, hypochlorite (bleach), nitric oxide, singlet oxygen, ozone, superoxide, and more.

Microbes have failed in billions of years to develop resistance to these oxidants. They also happen to be the foundational germicides we commonly use commercially and industrially for sanitation. Though our bodies naturally produce these powerful oxidants when we are healthy, we can still become overwhelmed and fall ill.

Ozone improves oxygen delivery

Ozone therapy has been in use since Nicola Tesla patented the first American ozone generator more than 100 years ago. Modern researchers have been struck by its safety and versatility in promoting healing. Italian, German, Cuban, and other researchers have conducted studies showing that ozone therapy induces the following:

  1. Improves oxygen delivery by red blood cells.
  2. Improves red blood cell flexibility to squeeze through capillaries to deliver their critical oxygen payload.
  3. Improves mitochondrial oxygen consumption – meaning more ATP energy is produced in your cells.  
  4. Modulates the immune system. This means, if your immune system is unbalanced, ozone will assist in rebalancing it. If it is underactive, ozone will boost it. If the system is overactive, ozone will calm it.
  5. Ozone is lethal to bacteria and viruses as it can literally punch holes in their membranes. Our own cells have abundant repair mechanisms as we are oxygen utilizers, while microbes are generally not.
  6. Ozone reacts with blood products to make downstream metabolites, called ozonides. These are still potent oxidants (though not nearly as strong as ozone) and can hang around for days/weeks. These molecules can serve to attack invaders, but their main action is serving as messenger molecules to activate your immune system.
  7. Ozone and ozonides induce the immune system to make cytokines and interferons. These molecules are “messenger” molecules your cells use to “talk to each other”. Pharma has developed individual cytokines they peddle to patients for megabucks (at great risk), while Italian professor Velio Bocci, MD called ozone, “The Ideal Cytokine Inducer.”

All viruses must fuse to your own cells and inject their genetic components to take over your cell, replicate and do damage. Most viruses, if not all, are dependent on the amino acid cysteine to accomplish this process. Cysteine has a molecular “thiol” group. Its formula is SH (as compared to OH, called a hydroxyl group). SH is extremely vulnerable to oxidation (stealing an electron) and if oxidized, it loses its activity.

Our cells have lots of SH active sites, which our cells will oxidize (stripping of an electron) and reduce (adding an electron) to turn enzyme activity “off and on” like a light switch. Viruses require reduced or “active” SH groups to fuse to and invade cells. In other words, viruses require un-oxidized SH.

You’ve also heard that viruses have a “shelf life”. That is, over time, they lose infectivity as they sit on a surface like your iphone screen. It’s likely that the natural course of their exposure to oxygen in the atmosphere helps to strip them of needed electrons. Heat speeds up the process.

The target – coronavirus inactivation

Viruses, unlike “living” cells cannot repair themselves. Once the switch is turned off, they are inactivated. If virus particles are floating around inside you, and cannot enter your cells, they can do no harm. And your immune system will actually be able to build up immunity at the same time, simply due to detection by your immune cells.

This is the beauty of ozone or other oxidation therapies. “Other” oxidation therapies include ultraviolet blood irradiation therapy, hydrogen peroxide, high dose intravenous vitamin C — all documented to assist viral pneumonia — and a relatively new innovation called MMS for “Master Mineral Supplement”. The latter is sodium chlorite, which when acidified, emits chlorine dioxide gas, which is very similar to ozone. Jim Humble has popularized this online.

Ozone can accomplish viral inactivation, in addition to all the other incredible benefits mentioned above. Nothing in the world comes remotely close.

For prevention, my office recommends home use of ozone and other home oxidative therapy possibilities exist such as food grade hydrogen peroxide. We have our patients do home therapy for prevention and treatment. Those who are ill will likely do better with blood therapy.

promolife’s O3ELITE ozone generator

I have published several medical papers which detail much of the above, and clinical cases of ozone therapy successes. Ozone therapy, if recognized by mainstream medicine, would reset the medical paradigm to a model based more on real healing than disease maintenance with pharmaceuticals.

My confidence in the power of oxidative therapy against viral infections is so high, that I traveled with Howard Robins, DPM to Sierra Leone in 2014 during the Western African Ebola virus epidemic to teach and heal. We managed to get to 5 cases of Ebola, two in physicians, one in the female partner of a physician who had just died of Ebola, and two exposed aides.

Healing Ebola with ozone in Sierra Leone

All those we treated survived without any deterioration after ozone therapy began, and they did not experience any post Ebola complications. That epidemic killed 60% of its victims and affected 70% or more of survivors with complications. The key to healing them – direct administration of oxygen/ozone gas intravenously (DIV), 20 cc at 55 mcg/cc ozone over several minutes. The cost of the ozone and materials? Virtually nothing.

If you know oxidative therapy can treat one of the most dreaded diseases on the planet, why fear coronavirus?

I urge you not to be frightened by the coronavirus hysteria. Yes, coronavirus appears more dangerous than seasonal flu. But, it is treatable, though not by conventional medicine which has inadequate tools for acute viral processes like this one. It is treatable by a long-used molecule, actually made by your body to fight disease, which attacks its soft underbelly.

To see real the real results of oxidative therapy in real patients, I invite you to visit my YouTube channel. To find an oxidative therapy practitioner near you, please download this list of doctors I’ve trained.

Finally for a more technical read, I’ve just published a peer reviewed article on this topic:
Journal of Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, vol 6, issue 2. DOI: 10.23937/2474-3658/1510113


Dr. Rowen is deeply engaged in the effort to bring oxidative therapy into the awareness of our medical and political establishment, the elites in control of the systems that most of us have virtually no influence over. We’re watching and will update this section with highlights as they develop.

8/12/20 – Major published breakthrough – Ozone found highly effective for hospitalized COVID patients. It leads to “rapid” improvement in respiratory and inflammatory parameters.

7/22/20 – Dr. Brownstein in the news treating corona cases with nebulized hydrogen peroxide therapy and intravenous treatments of vitamin c, hydrogen peroxide and intramuscular shots of ozone.

5/25/20 – Evidencing is mounting around the world that ozone therapy is saving lives: Italy, Spain, Brazil, China, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Georgia, Turkey and the USA. Sadly in the USA, no media has yet been willing to publish a whisper about oxidative therapies.

5/9/20 – Dr. Rowen: Much more complicated pathology now being discovered with coronavirus. The following is recently published research showing an alarming property of the virus. It appears that the virus can enter red cells and attack the heme protein, which, when properly complexed with iron, carries oxygen to your cells. If this research is borne out, it shows that the virus can kick the oxygen binding iron ion out of the hemoglobin molecule. The red cell, having lot its iron, cannot ferry oxygen to your body. You get horribly short of breath. And, if true, explains why ventilators can do more harm than good. The issue is not lung destruction but red cell dysfunction. The abstract goes on to explain the potential value of hydroxychloroquine, touted by Trump, decried by Fauci and others. To me, the answer lies in disabling the virus so that it cannot enter cells. Until it is proven otherwise, I believe the best answer will be to oxidize the body to “chop off” the sulfhydryl (S-H) groups the virus requires to open the “cookie jar” (your cells). I discuss this in my YouTube video. If the virus cannot enter your cells, it can do nothing to harm you. And this might explain the continuing very favorable reports I am getting from Europe and China on ozone therapy, whilst there remains a black out in the USA, both from media and “officials” on this potentially lifesaving therapy, while we are being brainwashed to prepare for a vaccine.

4/8/20Ozone showing results with COVID in Spain: “Dr. Alberto Hernández explained that “the improvement after the first session of Ozone treatment was spectacular. We were surprised, his respiratory rate normalised, his oxygen levels increased, and we were able to stop supplying him with as much oxygen since the patient was able to oxygenate himself. To our surprise, when we carried out an analytical control, we observed how Ferritin, an analysis determination that is being used as a prognostic marker in this disease, not only had not followed the upward trend, but had decreased significantly; that decline continued in the following days. This result encouraged us to administer it to other patients who are following the same improvement as our first patient.”

4/5/20Mercola covers ozone therapy for coronavirus and mentions food grade hydrogen peroxide and molecular hydrogen… bravo Dr. M!

4/5/20 – Italian newspaper story reports that of 36 patients treated with ozone, only 1 subsequently required intubation.

4/1/20 – Report reveals some data from one of the 17 hospitals in Italy where ozone therapy is being performed according to the protocol of the SIOOT (Scientific Society of Ozone Ozone Therapy), 10 patients in serious or very serious conditions have had a rapid and decisive improvement.

3/23/20 – From Dr. Rowen: “This article was published in Lancet (a MAJOR journal) a century ago. It detailed the use on intravenous hydrogen peroxide for lethal viral pneumonia in an epidemic that killed tens of millions worldwide. For mere pennies in materials, British physician Oliver, in India at the time, nearly halved the mortality rate. He reported that blood oxygen was improved and toxemia lessened. And what is most remarkable is that only the most critical patients were so treated, making his findings even more stunning. This novel therapy was totally forgotten or ignored by mainstream medicine. Patentable drugs were then coming online thanks to Flexner and the Rockefeller people. The industry went from healing to disease maintenance.”


  1. Hey Dr. Robert Rowen it’s Rena Poole I don’t know if you remember me but thank you so much for your information on the virus. I will be looking to help me And my family with some of your supplements. Your knowledge is well heard thank you.

  2. God bless all truth tellers and real healers who share their knowledge/experience with us and who seek to help their fellow man (and animals). This is great information that the propaganda arm of poison pharma (the MSM) will not report.

  3. Dr. Rowen,

    Machines are now available to enable these treatments without the need to be in a hospital. I am purchasing some for sale on our website but have no idea how to get these into hospitals since the medical community doesn’t believe in these treatments. They are similar to the ones being used in China Hospitals.

  4. great article I did wonder why 2 months ago I bought a big bottle of 35% Peroxide! Someone was showing me the way.! Thanks for explaining why I needed it.

  5. So we don’t have access to ozone as we are now on lockdown in nz can anyone please post re commendations/usage/dosage for 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide specifically in response to the covid 19 virus please

  6. Okay though I habe seen posts on FB saying that postees are sick, and are not being seen by their ozone doctor anymore now….
    So I think it would be good to mention that there are other oxidative therapies, such has hydrogen peroxide or chlorine dioxide.
    Also, the almost complete opposite, but it seems that vitC i.v. has been successfully tried in a study in China, and some doctors are using these findings now in other countries. Personally I do not really mind which methods doctors end up using, be it oxidative or antioxidant. As long as this stupid pandemic becomes manageable soon than later.

  7. Great information Dr Rowen!
    Thank you for educating us.
    I have been using ozone with great success for many different ailments. It is nice to see other like minded individuals trying to make a difference in this vulnerable world.

  8. “Ozone and ozonides induce the immune system to make cytokines and interferons.” Wouldn’t it be dangerous then with coronavirus?
    Than you


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