vaccine hesitancy

Just food for thought here – from the interview with  medical anthropologist Elisa Sobo (listen above):

What are the common ideas that we have about families that don’t believe in vaccination?

One common idea would be that they’re all absolutely looney-tunes, crazy people wearing tinfoil hats and reading all these conspiracy theories on crazy blogs on the Internet. And that is absolutely not the case.

What I found was that most of the people who are hesitating to vaccinate … They’re really smart people, and they’re highly, highly educated.

They’re well educated and they’re very well read. And they were super concerned about their children’s health too, they really did care. Because they cared, they read a lot, they studied a lot and they knew it turned out, subsequent research that I did, in the larger community showed, they knew a lot more about vaccination than your general public that just goes to the doctor and just gets the vaccine out of routine.


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