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Do you have an immune related or degenerative disease such as hashimoto’s thyroiditis, uveitis, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and so on? The source the problem may be in your teeth or jaw. Root Canal Cover Up by George E. Meinig summarizes the exhaustive research done by Dr. Weston Price documenting this connection.

Dr. Weston Price discovered through extensive research that germs from tooth decay migrate systemically throughout the body via the bloodstream and infect the heart, kidneys, joints, nervous system, brain, eyes and in fact any organ, gland or tissue creating local focal infections. This came to be known as the Focal Infection Theory of Disease.

These focal infections reliably trigger severe debilitating diseases for which medical professionals can find no answer. Most dentists and physicians do not understand how bacteria in teeth (especially teeth treated with the root canal procedure) can act like cancer metastasizing throughout the body. The research is deep and wide and has never been disproven.

Rather, the evidence grows every day, even if anecdotally, as chronically ill patients experience complete recoveries after oral infections are eliminated by extraction. How could doctors and dentists remain ignorant about this? The research was inconvenient and buried to protect what is now a multibillion-dollar root canal industry. The slow progressive nature of chronic degenerative diseases makes it possible for dentists to remain willfully ignorant of the connections to their work.

Dr. Price discovered that cellular function and therefore a persons vitality depends on calcium metabolism and the presence of normal concentrations of ionic calcium. Dental infections cause a derangement of calcium metabolism often resulting in low ionic calcium, diminished alkaline reserves and increased uric acid in the blood.

Dr. Melvin Page D.D.S. who followed Price’s work closely, conducted his own blood studies and found that total calcium must be 2.5 times that of phosphorus to avoid degenerative disease. Sugar, caffeine refined grains and soft drinks easily imbalance this ratio.

Other blood test abnormalities associated with dental infection include low white blood cell count, and high lymphocytes or neutrophils.

Signs in your bloodwork that you may have a hidden focal infection (according to Dr. Meinig) include any of the following:

  • white blood cell count is low
  • lymphocytes are high
  • neutrophils are low
  • blood uric acid is high
  • blood sugar or urine sugar are high
  • symptoms include hyperglycemia or glycosuria
People who had root canal fillings and those who experienced tooth decay were found to have low amounts of calcium. Both Price and Hawkins independently discovered that those people with normal to high levels of calcium in the blood and saliva enjoyed freedom from dental caries.”
Among the numerous blood study changes experienced by patients having root canal fillings was that of an upset carbohydrate metabolism. Dr. Price found this was accompanied by increased amounts of sugar in their blood (hyperglycemia) and in the urine (glycosuria).
What we haven’t known all these years, and fail even today to recognize, is the extent to which root canal filled teeth can continue to harbor infection when they seemingly appear to have been successfully treated. Worse than that is how few dentists have any knowledge of the hidden side effects of root canal fillings, how they occur, and why they are responsible for an infinite variety of serious degenerative diseases which ravage our bodies. Needless to say, none of us has been fully aware of the connection between these occurrences and the number of people who die prematurely because of them. . . How many people are dying before their time because of hidden polymorphic bacteria?
Toward the end of Dr. Price’s Volume I of his two books, he made this statement: ‘Government statistics speak of the degenerative diseases frequently as old-age diseases, and it is pathetic that so many individuals are slowly dying of old age anywhere from 30 years on.
…the governing factor which must dominate the decision for a dentist or patient as to whether or not a root canal treatment should be undertaken, or whether a tooth which has a root canal restoration should or should not be retained, depends on that person’s defense system in any family genetic problems he may have inherited. If the individual’s immune system is battling one or more degenerative illnesses, or if the patient’s parents and grandparents had histories of chronic diseases indicating increased susceptibility, Price favored avoiding treatment of infected teeth and recommended the removal of any which had received endodontic treatment. On the other hand if the patient was in good health and his or her family members were also relatively healthy, this was regarded as an indication the patient’s immune system would be capable of controlling the bacteria involved in root filled teeth. in fact, price found that 25% of patients with family histories free of degenerative diseases, who had excellent immune systems, could expect to have and retain root canal fillings, and live without complications arising therefrom, through old age.
One other new method of sterilizing root canals is being investigated–the use of lasers. To date information from users is enthusiastic, but far too little serious research has been completed as of this moment. Still, other possible methods of sterilizing dentin tubules have been suggested. One of these is the use of calcium hydroxide. Another is the use of ultrasound.”
It is even more discouraging to realize that one third of all disease in this country can be either directly or indirectly traced to dental infections.


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